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Balıktasi Hotel

Welcome to your home in Ordu, the paradise corner of the Black Sea, where green and blue skilfully embrace!

Balıktaşı Hotel offers you a warm atmosphere and quality service with its unique beauties of nature and its location close to Ordu city center.

Balıktasi Hotel Ordu



In the lands where the Green Black Sea meets the blue, Ordu with its Persembe Plateau, Hoynat Island, Ohtamis Waterfall, Gaga Lake, Cambasi Plateau, Keyfalan Plateau, Kabaduz Ablak Stone, Ciseli Waterfall and Gecilmez Canyon.

Persembe Plateu

Persembe Plateau, at an altitude of 1,500, located 17 kilometers from the Aybastı district of Ordu, awaits you with its green nature in summer and interesting meanders


Hoynat Island

The island, which is connected to the Persembe district of Ordu, is next to the Hoynat Tunnel within the borders of Ramazan village. In ancient times, sailors used it as a warehouse and shelter. There are small walls and water ruins on it.


Ohtamis Waterfall

The waterfall, located in the Ohtamis Village of Ulubey district, 20 km from Ulubey District and 38 km from Ordu, is the largest waterfall of the Black Sea. It is poured from a height of 30 meters with a 90 degree slope.


Yason Cape

It is 15 km from the town center of Persembe and 28 km from the city centre. It is within the borders of Çaytepe village at a distance. It is within the borders of Çaytepe village, 15 km west of the town of Perşembe. It is a first degree archaeological and