One of the Most Beautiful Points of the Black Sea..


Ordu, where nature, green and blue embrace you, is waiting for you with its beautiful plateaus, streams, historical texture, coves, beaches, unique flavors, lush hazelnut gardens and extreme sports opportunities provided by its magnificent nature.

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Persembe Plateau

Located 17 kilometers from the Aybastı district of Ordu, at an altitude of 1,500 meters, Persembe Plateau awaits you with its green nature and interesting meanders in summer.

Hoynat Island

The island, which is connected to the Persembe district of Ordu, is next to the Hoynat Tunnel within the borders of Ramazan village. In ancient times, sailors used it as a warehouse and shelter. There are small walls and water ruins on it.

Ohtamis Waterfall

The waterfall, located in the Ohtamış Village of Ulubey district, 20 km from Ulubey District and 38 km from Ordu, is the largest waterfall of the Black Sea. It is poured from a height of 30 meters with a 90 degree slope.

Cape Yason

It is 15 km from the town center of Persembe and 28 km from the city centre. It is within the borders of Çaytepe village at a distance. It is within the borders of Çaytepe village, 15 km west of the town of Perşembe. It is a first degree archaeological and second degree natural protected area.

Its natural beauty is worth seeing. Samsun-Ordu highway It has been turned into a tourism attraction center with its location on the seaside, the church built in 1869, being repaired and opened to visitors, and the original landscaping. This is the only peninsula with a church along the Black Sea coast. Sunrise and sunset can be observed with the naked eye in summer. There are picnic areas and places to eat and drink along the coast on the peninsula and its immediate surroundings. It has a parking lot. It is possible to find Turkish cuisine and traditional Black Sea cuisine in these areas. foreign tourists; The church, which is an important temple that should be seen especially for Christians, and the peninsula on which it is located are among the most interesting places in Ordu.

The Cape Jason Peninsula is the setting for the Legend of the Golden Fleece (the Legend of the Arganot).